Monday, May 18, 2009

It was a close one

On the Wednesday night I was in Medellin, I was supposed to meet David in Parque Lleras as Juan Valdez Cafe. (Yes this is a real cafe and it's really named that, haha. It's a big chain.)

Parque Lleras is a public square with a green park in the middle that has quite a few large trees that cover the entire park almost. (to give a description of how large these trees are)

I was walking along one side of the park on the sidewalk and headed to the cafe. I saw it in front of me. I was looking at the front patio area to see if David was around. I wasn't paying close attention to the area around me but there wasn't really anyone around so I just kept walking.

All of a sudden I hear some noise in the tree above me, and a large branch about 2m long with leaves on it and everything falls from the top of the tree that I'm walking under and falls down on the ground 5 feet in front of me where I'm walking. I stopped walking suddenly of course and looked up. There was nobody up there. I was expecting to see some kid grinning because he pulled some kind of prank or something. You never know, I was in a new country.

There was nobody up there. A guy that was sitting on the grass saw it all happen and he yelled out something in Spanish that I couldn't exactly understand. I think he was smiling because nothing serious had happened but he knew the gravity of the situation. I picked up the piece of wood to see if it was some hoax but it was a good 5-10 pounds.

If this thing would have landed on my head I think I would have been seriously hurt. It was so weird. I stood there thinking about it for about 2 more minutes before I continued walking and stepped into Juan Valdez cafe.


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