Saturday, May 2, 2009

Off to Cusco

For Mama Africa's, I mean Machu Picchu.

(Mama africa is an awesome bar in cusco, in case you don't get the joke)

I bought a ticket tonight from Cruz Del Sur, which is Peru's luxury bus line for $30 for the 9 hour night bus.

A lady just came by and asked me to put my seat belt on and they're playing a welcome video. Wow. Am I still in Peru? It's amazing what good companies will do to impress the tourists.

The price is high enough on this ride that it's pretty much filled with 2 week tourists and almost no long term backpackers. So that means it's gonna be boring for me and maybe I can get some blogging done before I fall asleep in a couple hours.

I splurged on this ticket because I'm quite finished with sleeper busses from hell. They're not that worth it because they screw over your next day if you don't get to sleep well. The Bolivian night bus from Potosi to Uyuni ruined me so now I won't do cheap night busses alone anymore :) I'm glad Charlotte was with me that night, or else it would have been tough.

And yes, since I left Charlotte last night, I'm now traveling alone again, at least until I hit Cusco and hopefully meet more cool people :)


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