Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm a pill popper

Last week I visited the UW Travel Clinic to get health information on the countries that I will be traveling to. I had a chance to talk to someone who knows quite a bit about traveling around the world and the diseases that I will come across.

I got 5 vaccinations done while I was there:
Hepatitis A
Yellow Fever

And I received prescriptions for:
Typhoid Vaccine

I've been taking the Typhoid vaccine capsules this week. These capsules have to be kept refrigerated because they contain live bacteria. That's a bit spooky eh?

Fortunately, I haven't noticed any side effects from any of these.

I received prescriptions for a ton of malaria prevention pills and antibiotics for Traveler's Diahrrea (so lucky to get to look forward to that)

She told me to take some Advil and an antibiotic ointment as well just in case.

Definitely the most number of pills I've ever held in my hand at one time.


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