Wednesday, April 2, 2008

200 miles closer to San Jose

We just touched down about an hour ago at this resort called Sunriver in Sunriver, OR for the evening.

It's one of those places where 2 people stand at the front door all day long just to open the door for guests in 35 degree weather.

It's also the kind of place that has it's own airport for people to fly in for the weekend.

Yeah, it's nice. We didn't know this when we were headed here this morning though because the price of our room is only $115, which you know, in Seattle you can't even get a room near the airport for less than $189.

Apparently the low price is because of low season. Which is actually a pretty significant deal in Oregon. Nobody does anything outside until summer here. I tried to search for a hot springs to check out this morning. I found a list of 20 of them in Oregon. After calling most of them, I couldn't find one that was open tonight that was in our general direction.

I asked the management here how much the golf was and they told me golf is closed until summer too. Fishing is closed til summer, floating is also closed til summer.

Our original plan was to keep going down the 395. The reason why we're in Sunriver today instead is because my dad has a cold and wanted something comfortable tonight.

The picture above is from our back patio.


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