Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Greyhound to Sydney

I purchased a greyhound pass one way from Cairns to Sydney for $330 asd. This pass is hop on hop off for 6 months. That means I get off the bus wherever, stay as long as I need, then get back on and keep going, just like the Magicbus was in NZ.

I've decided I'm skipping melbourne this time around due to lack of time. The only nice things I heard about Melbourne were that it had the best music scene and nightlife in Australia. I think I can afford to skip that for now. There's an area west of Melbourne called the Great Ocean Road that I did want to see, but again I think I will ok there as well. I've seen and will see a lot of great ocean views already.

My first bus leaves tonight at midnight. I'm heading to Townsville and Magnetic Island.


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