Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More pictures

This is what I looked like dressed in my skydive suit during the pre-interview. Our skydivers were very talented with the videocameras. The whole editing process is completed automated in the editing room. They've got it set up so that you just attach the original videocamera to the input wires and then let it go, and you magically have the final DVD.

We practiced the aircraft exit before we took off because they said that this part and the freefall were the only technical parts of the whole jump.

This is right before we jump out of the plane. The pictures is taken by an automatic camera on the wing of the aircraft.

This is a sweet picture I took of myself and my tandem skydiver who controls the fate of my life for the next 5 minutes.

This is after the parachute was released of course. I thought it was very cool that they let us take our own cameras on our skydives.


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