Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My travel priorities

I recently wrote this list in an email to my friend Renee because she's considering joining me in Spain for a couple days, and it seemed like a good topic for a blog post.

Here's a general guideline of what piques my curiosity as I travel (from most interesting to least):
1. Big wonders of nature or science (such as nice views)??
2. Manmade wonders that look amazing or one of a kind
3. Very nice water areas with good views or swimming or other water sports possibilites?
4. Any other sporting possibility like hiking, climbing, running, rappelling
5. Places with good food (local stuff that tastes good)
6. Unique social events that are either temporary or seasonal (carnival, new years, oktoberfest)
7. Places with good nightlife where you can drink and dance, maybe karaoke
8. Places where you can hang out and relax and do particularly nothing

Just to clarify: I like doing nothing too, it's just not as important as the rest.


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