Friday, January 9, 2009

"I really like the fog stuff"

There's a big fountain in Barcelona in front of the National Museum of Catalunya that rages with a color and light show every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm to 9pm.

It was like the Bellagio hotel fountain show but a little smaller, rounder, more lights, more color, and with more spectators. Another cool thing was that they lit up spotlights behind the museum building as well so the pictures in that direction came out amazing.

Renee and I made it out there upon recommendation of our hostel and when I asked her if she was enjoying the show, she nodded and smiled like a little girl and said "I really like the fog stuff."

What she was referring to was during part of the show, instead of shooting the water high into the air, the fountains would spray a strong mist that filled the air and looked like a very thick smoke. The smoky misty water was better at capturing and reflecting the light from the lamps, so it certainly looked more colorful and vibrant.

The show indeed was really nice. And as always I enjoyed being there with hundreds of people watching it together and wondering how other people had found themselves there with me that night.


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