Sunday, February 15, 2009

Accidental sightseeing

This is a very cool concept to me, because it means no stress and no thinking required, only pleasant surprises.

The day I first had my passport rejected from the Brazilian embassy, I wrote that I had ended up having to walk to the American Embassy with a 2 guys I had met that morning who were in a similar predicament as I was.

We decided to walk to the US embassy, not realizing that it was quite far away but I was totally ok with it because it was my first full day in BA and I hadn´t seen any of the city yet, so it was a good opportunity for me to explore things on a random basis.

On the way there, we found the Recoleta cemetary, which is famous for it´s cool looking mausoleums that are divided by little roads that look like streets. Evita´s grave is in there. I don´t really know who Evita is except that there´s a movie about the person. I think that makes me stupid but I will figure it out someday. The gravesite was non-interesting. I didn´t even take a picture of it at the time, but in hindsight maybe I should have. What if a gigantic earthquake destroys BA and I never get to the see the original Evita gravesite ever again? You never know, it could happen.

We saw a lot of green grass parks, which felt really nice on the warm humid day. It reminded me of LA, because that´s what half of LA is, green parks everywhere in a very suburbian metro area. The type of green parks that my family used to visit frequently and my dad and I used to kick the soccerball around in all the time.

Half of the city streets reminded me of a cross between LA and Barcelona too. Some were wide and open, some were small, but there were some cars, grass in the dividers with trees, and medium tall buildings (maybe 10 floors or so) all over the place. There´s a lot of Spanish in LA city as well, so it really felt familiar to me as I walked around.


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