Sunday, February 15, 2009

That´s dog crap

In Spain it was really really hard to find dog feces on the ground, unless I went near a dog park. Remember that post I made in Salamanca?

In Buenos Aires there´s dog poop on every block. You can almost count on it, and it´s really annoying to me as a pedestrian because the ground is not clean and they poop is camouflaged! The ground is pretty hot in the summer though, and so it´s usually already dried up by the time I´m about to step on it.

I actually saw bundles of dog poop together in little patches, as if somebody had gone across the sidewalk and broomed it all together into one little spot on the sidewalk or the street, but then forgotten to scoop it up and throw it away. I don´t know why they just leave it all there on the street to dry up and rot. I guess that´s just the Argentinian way.


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