Wednesday, March 18, 2009

40 degrees

I went to the churascaria with Gary. The food was super. Just like what I had imagined for only $18 a person ($22 including wine and water). They just bring spit after spit of food continuously until you give up and can't eat anymore. There's also a salad, pasta, and sushi bar there for you to chow on too. That was the last time I saw Gary.

Afterwards I went back to the hostel and found out a lot of the people were heading out to Lapa for a night out of dancing, and they weren't leaving until 1am so that left me plenty of time to take a break and then get ready to go out with them.

A few drinks later at about 2am we headed out as a group of 12 in 3 taxis to an area of Rio called Lapa. It's the place where Gary took me to the night before but this night we headed to a multi-level bar/club called Lapa 40 degrees. It ended up being a fun place, though expensive for Brazilian prices.

There was a rock band playing multiple American song covers and the band on the top floor was a fun Brazilian band including 3 performers/singers so they put on a show to the music. That was the room where most of the women were, so you can imagine what kind of music it was. That was a mix of American and Brazilian music too.

We ended up coming back at around 5am and crashed.


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