Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rio scenarium

On my first night in Rio, a friend from Argentina that I had met in Manaus at the hostel invited me out to meet him and his friends in at a Samba club in Lapa called the Rio Scenarium.

This place was physically huge. I mean massive. But it wasn't packed on the Friday. They told me on Saturday it's packed.

I didn't quite figure out how to dance to Samba, but I tried my best. I did figure out it had something to do with 2 steps with each leg and then the other leg.

Samba music is cool. It's relaxed and upbeat which I liked, but after an hour it felt repetitive and boring. Even Juan, my friend felt the same way about it.

The venue is upscale and nice. A good place to bring out of town guests to impress them.


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