Saturday, March 21, 2009


The ride to Iguazu was 23 hours long, which was about the same as my bus from Salvador to Brasilia a couple of weeks ago, except the bus wasn't as nice as the 2 that I had taken before. A change was expected, because I have been taking different companies for each bus ride, which meant different busses as well.

Since I knew hardly anything about Veronica except that we're both on the Oneworld RTW ticket, she and I talked for hours on the first part of the ride, which also made it go very quickly. She's a yoga and ballet instructor in Prince George, BC in Canada. She moved up to experience something new after high school and found a husband, with whom she is now separated from. A trip around the world has been her dream, and now she is living that dream.

She speaks fluent English and is perfectly fluent in Spanish as well. She's got a super positive personality (but not annoying) and has one of the most spirit brightening laughs I've ever heard in my life. Her laugh sounds soooo Mexican to me. It reminds of my childhood days when I used to have more Mexican friends.

She started her trip by spending the first 4 months in Mexico visiting and playing with her family. She wasn't going to stay there that long because she only has a year to use this ticket, but loved being there so much she changed her ticket twice to stay 2 extra months. She found a new boyfriend she loves there, so that might have had *something* to do with it. Haha

She uses no makeup. She eats healthy. She loves her fruits and vegetables. But she likes to secretly eat ice cream like me. I like that.

She said she found it hard to leave Mexico and her boyfriend, but had to because this trip was her personal dream. She plans to return to Mexico after the trip is over to live near her family again. She told me if it was meant to be, then when she returns to Mexico she and her boyfriend will be together.

I am so glad I talked to her on the Rio day trip. I wasn't going to, but felt compelled for some reason when I saw her. It's changed my life. She's really inspiring. I feel like a better happier person just by being around her.


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