Friday, April 3, 2009

Almost jumped out of a plane again

The morning after hang gliding, we woke up and was lazing around the hostel, when a girl we met at the hostel but had moved to another one, Aimee, came and told us that she was going to go skydiving that day for $100. I was shocked at the price when I heard it.

It´s easy $300 in Thailand to do a skydive, but in Brasil it is $100? I had a weird feeling that it was too good to be true, but we asked Aimee again, she said she was sure it´s $100. So right then I told Vero to do the jump that day because the price was unbelievable and there was no reason to wait until she got to Thailand.

In fact, soon after that the 3 swedish girls we were hanging out with in the hostel decided to do the jump, and then I decided that I was going to jump again because $100 was impossible to pass up.

We agreed to meet Aimee at her hostel in about an hour. We all got ready and walked over there, where we found her at one of the hostel computers. We got her attention and she told the hostel staff that we were all there and ready to jump.

After a bunch of discussion in broken english and portuguese, we found out that the hostel employee had confused hang gliding with sky diving in english and told Aimee the wrong price more than several times. It was actually going to be near $300 and the jump was lower elevation than average (only 10,000 ft) so it wasn´t worth it at all. I can pay that much and get a 15,000ft jump in New Zealand.

I told Vero to wait until Thailand. None of us decided to do the jump after all, we just changed into our swimsuits and headed out to the beach for a fun sun day. I had been so excited in the morning though, all of a sudden knowing I was going to skydive again in a couple hours! What a letdown!


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