Friday, September 26, 2008

Atomic bomb museums and me

After visiting 2 different Atomic Bomb Museums and Remembrance Halls and Peace Parks in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, I have gotten my first good dose of what countries do about presenting to their future generations their own mistakes in history. They hide it behind a different issue.

While I was walking through the museums, the main theme was, "Nuclear bombs are bad because they kill so many innocent people."

First of all, I don:t like their definition of "innocent people." If I recall correctly, the Japanese have been the aggressor in the last 2000 years of war in Asia. Those people knew what was going on when the bombs dropped. They were killing and torturing people in other countries out of greed, they messed with one country that they couldn:t handle, and got a 21 kiloton nuke dropped on their heads. How can they be considered innocent? It can:t possibly be just because they were women and children. Not having a penis or being underage does not automatically make someone innocent.

The only people that I personally *possibly* could consider innocent would be the slaves they brought from other countries to work in Hiroshima that were collateral damage. They were the only ones who didn:t support the war. If Iraq bombed me because Bush bombed them, I would not consider myself an "innocent bystander." If you want to skew the outlook like that, you could maybe say they were lucky people, because at least they didn:t get tortured and beheaded like the people they victimized.

Japan has committed murder half a million times in the last 2000 years, and each one was done without an nuclear bomb. So that means they poked, chopped, slashed, shot half a million people. I:m not a math professor, but that sounds a lot worse that 150,000 to me.

Another thing I had a problem with, why are there only monuments to protest the use of nuclear weapons, and not to prevent war in the first place? As if killing a million people with a bayonet is somehow better than killing 150,000 with a well placed bomb? I:m guessing this is because they were the aggressors, and it:s much easier for a country to swallow placing a monument for "no nuclear bombs" than to have a monument for "this is what happens when you try to take over 60 other countries in an attempt to completely rule the entire western hemisphere and then get wasted by a country halfway around the world and have to surrender unconditionally."

I saw exactly 1 set of pictures/words up on a wall in the Hiroshima museum that stated something like "the bomb was bad, but we need to rethink about the mistakes that Japan made in the first place to cause such an incident so that we never make that mistake again". It was hidden in a small section in the corner at the end.

The conclusion is that I don:t like the irresponsible way that they have presented their history to their future generations. If you go through the museums and the monuments as they stand today with tunnel vision, you would think that they signify how America was bad and it was a terrible country for using atomic weapons, but it would have been fine if they had brought in 50,000 soldiers and raped our land completely to win the war, in the process killing 150,000 people anyway. And... if you invade countries by guns it:s not the best but it:s acceptable, but if you use weapons of mass destruction then you:re a really bad person.

That is the wrong message.

What they attempt to do in these museums is show pictures of half dead people and the physical and mental damage caused by nuclear weapons. They:re just anti nuclear weapons museum basically. I don:t see the point of them if that:s the purpose. Everyone knows atomic bombs kill lots of people, why do we need museums to describe that? And why do we need museums at those sites? As if we:re supposed to feel sorry for the people who died *just* because they died from an atomic bomb and not from a knife? If we really wanted atomic bomb museums they should be at locations where they were developed, like New Mexico. That would be a better fit.

I think they are just looking for people to feel sorry for their losses and divert attention from the point of World War II itself using the value of humanity as a distraction.


Blogger vovo said...

wow. strong words, sir. are you ready to debate?

this is going to be like the universal health care issue. i'm going to win.

so, what you should do is think carefully about your current opinions on this matter & figure out why it's a little f*d up.

to be continued...

September 26, 2008 at 4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you have a right view. We don't have to kill anything but if it is for preventing another big killing, we have no choice. Like killing terrorists.

Japan maybe worse than German in the war. Just a few example, they killed the whole people of Nanking City, used live human as their clinical tests in many places, they called maruta. Recently, it is found that they used as maruta not only Chinese, Korean but many Europeans too.

So far, as far as I think, Japan did not deeply apolozise for their wrong doings. Not all but many of their leaders still think that was their good time and wish to be back. So, they did not punish the war criminals and even many present government leaders show their respects to the old crimianls. This is very dangerous thing for the future of this world.

September 26, 2008 at 5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the clinical tests I read in some articles,
test germs and fatal poison gas on live human body to see how it works and to use it for mass killing in the war,
open a live human body to see how the organs nerves etc. are work,
test some weapons on human body directly.

German people not only apolozize for what they did but trying to catch the war criminals and punish them even now. I read news many times that they arrested old SSI memebers hide worldwide including USA who are now at their 80, 90 years of age. It shows they firmly know that it shouldn't happen again. But what happen in Japan for the criminals. They never punish any war crimes and made shrine for dead crimnals and show respect to them formaly.

September 26, 2008 at 10:26 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

you never won the universal health care issue.

it:s not fucked up at all.

September 27, 2008 at 1:14 AM  

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