Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kyoto has the same letters as Tokyo

Walked around the Southern Higashiyama part of Kyoto today, checking out temples upon temples, and monuments, and statues of Buddha. There were lots of narrow streets filled with vendors of all kinds of art and household items, which I couldn:t buy anyway of course. I don:t want to have to carry them for 8 more months. heh

Someday I will have to visit these countries again one at a time (especially Thailand) so I can purchase some things and bring them back with me.

Kyoto is the city in Japan that holds most of the cultural history. There:s something like 1200 temples in this town. That:s 1195 too many for me to see. You can only see so many temples before they all start looking exactly the same. :)

Nevertheless, I got some good pictures today, which I will put up as soon as I get on a decent computer and my gallery is working again.

Last night I went into downtown Kyoto as soon as I arrived and checked into a hotel, so I got to see some nightlife scenes. I walked through the "entertainment district" here just like last time in Nagasaki and noticed the same sort of things. There was a place called "Kyoto Girls Club" that had a couple of very pretty girls in front of it saying something in Japanese. I noticed that they try to attract Japanese customers (including me because they thought I was Japanese) but not caucasians at all. Not sure if that:s the policy or not and why. I couldn:t tell if it was a strip club or a hostess bar or something else. Hard to say when you can:t read or understand what they:re saying.

I:ve had all kinds of different food since I:ve been in Japan. Yesterday for lunch I shared an Okinomiyaki with my tour guide. It was a Japanese pancake looking thing and this one had pork and kimchi in it. I have a picture but can:t share that yet either.

Yesterday I had a beef bowl just like the ones at Yoshinoya. I have to say that after eating what I did last night, Yoshinoya:s food isn:t actually all that far from the truth. I remember when I was a kid I thought Yoshinoya was a total americanized version of some Japanese food that was made to look like tasty but was terribly bad for you, but the food I had last night was remarkably close to what I remember.

It:s almost like going to Italy and finding a pizza place that reminds you of exactly how Little Caesars did their pizza. You know, the company that sold 2 large pizzas for $8 and you:re always wondering "what did they put in this thing for $8?" while you:re eating the pizza at 2am.


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