Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things I like about Japan

1. You can expect the same great service at every single place you go. It:s always good and never less. The merchant/employee always say hi, always bows in some way, always makes sure that you:re tended to as long as you need something, and they:re very polite the entire time.
2. I have to say that the risque way the women dress sometimes is a bit surprising to me, but because I:m a man, it:s not necessarily bad or unwanted. Going out in public after about 4pm is like going clubbing in Vegas every single night.
3. Most of the food that you can eat feels healthy for you. It:s hard to find something that seems really unhealthy, well as long as you stay away from the western food, like McDonalds and KFC.
4. The train system and subway systems are amazing. The tracks lead to wherever you want to go and they come very frequently. They are also always on time. You can set your watch to their schedules.
5. Everyone in public is very civilized. You don:t see kids running around wreaking havoc. You don:t see skateboarders hanging out on street corners. You won:t find people just randomly loitering in public areas, except in the entertainment disctrict at night of course, and for good reason.
6. The entire place is incredibly clean. Other than a couple of cigarette butts lying around on the ground and some gum stains, you won:t be able to find any trash in public. I don:t know how they do it, considering it:s tough to find a public trash can on the sidewalk. In Seattle you can find trash cans every 150 meters but yet there:s still trash everywhere.
7. The Japanese have mastered the art of single serving packaging, and so when you go to any store, you can always find something to eat at any time of day. At 7 Eleven you can always find seaweed wraps or bento boxes or sandwiches. There is no reason to ever be hungry at any time.
8. Public phone calls only cost 10 cents to make if they:re local.
9. Everything is recycled in its own way. If you find public trash cans, there will be ones for cans, for plastic bottles, for glass, and for paper


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