Monday, September 29, 2008

Dinner in Osaka

Oh yeah, in Osaka that night we ended up entering a random restaurant that was only in Japanese to have dinner. We had a tough time communicating but it turned out all good because after about 5 minutes of communication struggle she told me she knew Korean so we ended up talking in Korean and she brought out some interesting dishes.

The first one was a $9 sashimi plate that the fish:s body was still on as part of the decoration of the plate. The best part was the fish tail was still moving but the eye was not blinking anymore. I:ve seen that before in Korea but only on major orders of sashimi, like $50 and up. Never on a $9 plate. I thought that was incredible.

Then she took that back and had the rest of the fish (including the bones) deep fried with tempura like batter and brought that back out. It was crunchy goodness, including the eyeballs. I normally don:t like eyeballs because of the feel, but these were good.

After that she brought out this egg omelet type dish that had pork inside of it, with yellow and brown sauce on top. I don:t know if I:ll ever figure out what that dish was called. It wasn:t awesome but it wasn:t bad. The sauce on top just wasn:t my kind of taste. It wasn:t teriyaki but it was strong like it. Tasted a bit more buttery.


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