Monday, September 29, 2008

I know it:s wrong but...

A couple days ago I met a Kiwi (New Zealand) guy in my hostel room and had this conversation with him while on the subway headed out to the entertainment district of Osaka for dinner:

Him: What would you do if you were in a super packed subway train and some guy grabbed your ass, but you couldn:t move?
Me: I would move.
Him: But what if there was no room to move?
Me: Oh I would *make* space for type of special occasion.
Him: (laughs) ok
Me: What if a girl grabbed you? Would you move?
Him: No.
Me: You wouldn:t move at all? You:d just let her grab you?
Him: Nope. I:d let her.
Me: What if you weren:t sure whether it was a guy or a girl?
Him: (thinks about it for a few seconds) I:d move.

I thought about this topic some more. I guess it:s not that big of a deal. People fondle me all the time when I:m at the bar or nightclub (in the US) when they walk by me. Girls do it more than guys do.


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