Monday, September 29, 2008


I left Kyoto today and came to Nagoya. I walked out in the morning through the rain to see Haian Jingu (temple) and then the Imperial Palace and then decided I just wasn:t digging the city, so I left.

The city has a lot of temples. I didn:t want to see anymore temples. It was raining so I didn:t like the fact that the city is enormous. Imperial Palace annoyed me because they wouldn:t let anyone inside without permission from the Royal Family or something like that.

The other problem with temples here is that you get inside for free, but then if you want to see the main building they ask for $3. It:s not that much money but for some reason that annoys me more than it should.

I:m having a tough time meeting people in this country. It:s been ok being alone and walking around alone so far, but there are definitely times when I wish I had someone traveling with me, just so I had someone to talk to and joke around with. It would be nice to laugh once an hour or so.

Oh now that I think about it, maybe yesterday just felt really boring because the day before I had the tour guide to talk to all day long. That might have been why.

I was so excited to come to Nagoya today after I saw this morning that there was a Robot Museum here. When I arrived, I checked into my hostel and then ran out the front door to get a couple hours before it closes at 8pm, but when I got to the street corner I couldn:t find it anywhere. It wasn:t even on the signs. So I walked around the block in the rain for 20 minutes or so looking for it and then finally decided to ask a lady at a newspaper stand and she told me that the museum closed last year sometime. HAHA

The people here were staring at me because I was walking around with just a poncho and no umbrella in the rain. I can:t get myself to buy an umbrella which I know I will end up throwing away before I leave. Maybe I:ll cave if it:s still raining for the next week but so far I haven:t.

Tomorrow I plan to wake up early and check out the Toyota plant here. After that I will decide if I want to stay one more night in Nagoya or take off to see Shizuoka or Nagano. I don:t plan to do much in Shizuoka other than try to spot Mt Fuji. Someone passing by last week told me it:s not possible to climb up there right now but I don:t know for sure yet.


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